bio_photo2About Therapist Mary Vucurevich

Your therapeutic goals are my highest priority. To ensure that our time together is most effective, I focus on developing an approach that is specific to your comfort level and desired outcomes.

Seeking a therapist can be an unsettling endeavor. I can provide a free 10-minute phone consultation to help you determine whether or not we are a good fit. As your therapist, I bring a whole-person approach to healing the past and maximizing the present. My approach is an eclectic one and with over 30 years counseling experience, my “toolbox” is “well-stocked”. We all have our own intuitive wisdom to guide us but we may need help in learning how to hear and honor these messages. I am confident that we can work collaboratively to create the life that you desire.

I am a licensed professional counselor with a wide range of experience. I am trained in multiple, evidence-based therapeutic techniques; EMDR (for traumatic events), CBT for cognitively restructuring irrational beliefs as well as Solution-Focused Therapy to facilitate behavioral change.

I have been practicing in Arizona since 1982 and have been both Nationally and State certified since 1991. I spent 7 years with the Center Against Sexual Assault; 6 years with Contact Managed Care; 2 years as the Clinical Director at Southwest Center for HIV and AIDS and have been in private practice for 20 years. I bring clinical expertise as well as a nurturing and intuitive spirit to my counseling practice.

I see individual adults, couples, families and groups. I specialize with personal identity/discovery, LGBT, Transgender, HIV, mood disorders, relationships, abuse and am known as a Spiritual counselor. I truly believe that life is not about the destination but the journey. Let’s do this!


1110 E. Missouri Ave.   Ste. 640
Phoenix, Arizona 85014
Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) LPC-0910
Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC) 23453